taryn toomey


after climbing the ranks in the fashion industry and having 2 beautiful daughters, taryn found herself inexplicably exhausted; she had success, but there was something that didn't feel settled that continued to push her to seek more. several trips to Peru, studying with shamans, inspired her to mend her difficult past and build a path toward wellbeing for herself and her children. coupled with nearly a decade as a yoga instructor, she understood the benefits of a gentle yet challenging approach to movement, one that she used to create the class.

in less than 2 years, word of the class has traveled quickly, garnering the attention of news outlets ranging from Well+Good to Vogue and The Wall Street Journal. taryn has spoken and taught at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and led classes at the TEDx Conference, Wanderlust Festival, and Fashion Fitness Food (FFF) Series. demand in Los Angeles has warranted a pop-up presence, with expansion to more major cities around the globe on the horizon. 

outside of her passion for her family and wellness, taryn loves spending time in nature, hosting potlucks at home, and enjoying live concerts. 



jaycee gossett


jaycee gossett brings her love of dancing and passion for movement to the class. she is focused on making movement accessible, allowing its transformative power to heal the body, mind and spirit.  with an extensive background in dance and yoga, jaycee has taught all over the world, awakening self-expression, spirituality and fun in her students.

a lover of sweat and intensity, jaycee believes in embracing the edge and finding the power within to transcend it.

jaycee brings boundless energy, enthusiasm and total free self-expression into her classes and is honored to be part of the class.




natalie kuhn


natalie's natural effervescence infuses her class with the spirit of joy and celebration. 

her background as a professional actor includes training in physical practices from suzuki to grotowski. as a dancer she has toured the world with multiple bands (including David Byrne and Yeah Yeah Yeahs), participating in shows that blend the craft of performance art with the passion of pop. these experiences have helped her to shape a class that is vigorous, cathartic, and empowering.

natalie brings her students face-to-face with their own personal challenges. they sweat, they dig deep, and they come out energized -- discovering how strong they are, mentally and physically.